I recommend… small link list

Schwertgedanken (“sword-thoughts”)
blog of one of the hokushin ittô-ryû hyôhô’s highest graded teachers,
dealing with classical japanese martial arts and more (german, partly engl.)

Life for a Sword
german blog of a student of the tenshin shôden katori shintô ryû living in Japan
(there are a couple nice articles but by now the homepage is no longer updateded)

The Budo Bum
engl. blog of Peter Boylan (USA), teacher of a couple japanese martial arts
engl. info-homepage about some different classical japanese martial arts schools,
run by Maik and Diane Skoss from the USA, representatives of japanese martial arts

Bushinkai / Dôkôkai Berlin
homepage of Berlin’s study group of the Hokushin Ittô-Ryû Hyôhô (german/engl.),
currently led by this blog’s operator here at, Wilf Mücke